Where Love Is Spoken

Imagine if your student loved school.
Imagine if your student was excited about learning.
Imagine if your student was appreciated for being unique.

At Honors Academy, we believe our students are unique.

That’s why we believe they deserve an individualized, quality education that is designed to inspire them to learn in an environment where they feel loved.
Here at Honors Academy, we work hard to help our students discover and develop their own unique set of giftings so that in the future, they will become a gift to the world around them.

With your help, we believe our students are going to love Honors Academy

Who are we?


Our vision at Honors Academy is to empower students:

  • With the skills that will support them as life-long learners.
  • To be actively engaged in developing the relevant skills, knowledge and abilities to successfully negotiate the endeavors of life.
  • To be inquisitive, questioning, and curious about the world around us.


The mission statement of Honors Academy is to prepare students with the academic skills, habits of mind, and character traits necessary to make positive contributions to our world.