Honors Academy believes that every child is unique and deserves a unique and personalized education. By keeping classrooms to a 15 student maximum, identifying students’ multiple intelligences, creating strategic classrooms, providing creative classroom management and using the latest technological tools available to teachers, we feel we can provide an environment for every child to succeed.



What we’re excited about:

High-Tech Classrooms
With collaborative classrooms with advanced technology in each classroom. We are witnessing a transformation of the creation and sharing of knowledge, fostered by the impact of technology on the teaching and learning process.
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Graphic Design Certification
Graphic design is a creative discipline that involves designing and combining text, symbols, images, and other visual art elements to convert an idea or message. With the help of software programs and other advanced technology
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Specialized Learning Program (SLP)
SLP stands for “Specialized Learning Program.” Typically in a Remedial Education class students are required to do work in order to get back to their grade level. Our REC program does this but in a different way.
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Elective Classes
Beginning in seventh grade, Honors Academy honors in developing the multiple intelligences of each student by offering individualized education in a system of elective classes in which the student chooses two disciplines every year
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No Homework Policy

Homework assignments are independent practices designed to reinforce instructions given in classrooms. The objective of the school task is to: reinforce, investigate, or review.
It is a way to provide a practice and review of skills and concepts learned in school. Tasks are not assigning new material. On occasions when a student could not finish a job in the same class, the teacher may choose to leave it as work to finish at home. It is the responsibility of the teacher to assign, review and evaluate the most beneficial and appropriate work for each student, it is also the responsibility of each student to complete each task using the best of their abilities.
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Qualified Educators

Our teachers offer the best quality and commitment in the education of your children. HA teaching staff is comprised of Hondurans, Americans and Canadians.
Our teachers work hard to cultivate children's intelligence, develop leadership skills, manage interpersonal relationships, are aware of how each students learns as well as show dedication and enthusiasm for their craft.
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Individualized Attention

Research has shown that in the primary grades, students who experience individualized teacher to student attention perform significantly better in reading and mathematics. They also show higher participation rates in school and have fewer discipline problems.
Further evidence indicates that classrooms managed by individualized attention as well as classroom composition, guide a teacher’s creativity to plan and program effectively for students and are able to devote time to working with students on an individual basis.
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Trilingual System

A 3-language system is offered at Honors Academy starting in 2017 Students will learn English, Spanish and French as a third language.
English is the primary language in the classroom. Spanish is the secondary language. French is offered as a third language to complement english and spanish.
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