Graphic design is a creative discipline that involves designing and combining text, symbols, images, and other visual art elements to convert an idea or message. With the help of software programs and other advanced technology, graphic designers can arrange page layouts at seo services san diego, develop logos and product illustrations, and create new images that will be used to promote a product or convert a specific message to consumers.

Graphic and Digital Design classes emphasize design and creativity of the student, while providing technical training. Instruction is flexible and inclusive, enabling the beginning student to make great strides during the semesters. This certificate can be completed through a combination of courses during 10th and 11th classes.

The goal of Graphic Design class is to create a stimulating learning environment for students where they can pursue their specific interest within seven areas of future professional study: graphic design, multimedia, web design, video and post production, motion graphics, action ac, 3-D animation and 3-D Printing.

The Certification is awarded in the student’s graduation and is an addition that Honors Academy gives to its students to defend itself once being outside the school, or to choose what that to study in the future or aver useful tool for the university.