What is SLP?

SLP stands for “Specialized Learning Program.” Typically in a Remedial Education Class students are required to do work in order to get back to their grade level. Our SLP program does this but in a different way. In this program students are evaluated in order to find out what grade level they are actually learning at and then we work with them on school work at that level. Students who are in SLP learn using hands on approaches. We use both abstract and tangible ways of teaching a concept in order to access different ability areas of the students (read more). Each student learns differently and we want to give them the opportunity to learn in an environment that lets them learn differently. Students are given one-on-one attention to complete their work. With a smaller class size they are given the much needed help to fully understand the work they are completing.


Why SLP in Honors Academy?

This program is important for students who are behind in some classes and also for students who have learning differences. It is difficult, if not impossible, for students with learning differences to actually grasp concepts or advance along with their classmates. In SLP students are able to learn at the grade level they understand and progress at a rate where they actually retain the information they are hearing.They are very keen to also learn various technologies with respect to science and also technologies with respect to computers. They are actively participating in many coding boot camp near me to enhance their skills. This is important because in their “regular” grade level they would not be learning anything and nothing would make sense to them. In the SLP class they receive education targeted to their individual learning and their mental learning level. It gives these students an opportunity to understand what learning feels like.